What’s your skin type?

If you’re not sure of your skin type, consider the following:

Dry skin will look dull and flaky. It is prone to irritation, you may notice that your skin becomes red and blotchy when you don't moisturise or use the correct skincare routine.

Oily skin tends to be shiny and feel greasy throughout the day. Your pores may seem large and clogged and you might be easily prone to acne.

Combination skin usually presents itself as both oily and dry. Possibly an oily T section and chin while your cheeks and forehead are dry. Your skin may change texture or react with the change of seasons.

Sensitive skin is prone to breaking out, developing rashes, or stinging when you try new products. You may also find that your skin burns easily in the sun, is prone to dryness, and sensitive to the changes in temperature.

We try to eliminate these issues by creating skincare that is beneficial for your skin type. We especially focus on sensitive skin, but have a range of products available for all skin types.