Essential oils or Fragrance oils

Ever wonder which one is the better one and why?

The main and obvious difference between fragrance oils and essential oils is that fragrance oils are manufactured in a lab environment and essential oils are extracted from roots, bark, flowers, stems and the leaves of plants..

Essential oils over time, have became quite popular, especially in the aromatherapy and fragrance industries. However the scent will disperse over time.

Fragrance oils are designed essentially for use in candles, perfumes, soaps and other products. They are created to “throw” a nice, long-lasting scent.

The fragrance oils that are used in our soaps are phthalate free.

I have learnt that just because something hasn’t come from nature doesn’t mean it’s bad for you! 

My main focus is and always will be to source natural ingredients from Mother Nature first, but who says we can have fun with some delicious long lasting fragrances?!